Welcome to the Castle of Heidelberg

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Castle of Heidelberg – Audio Tour around the castle in 12 languages

Castle of Heidelberg - Audiotours

Experience the world’s most famous castle ruins in a completely new way!

Heidelberger Schlossführungen

The fascination of the Heidelberg castle is undiminished. The ivy-covered ruins have inspired poets and artists as early as the Romantic period. We invite you to an audio tour which will give you an appreciation of the castle’s magic, mystery, and history.



Relaxed and Informative

Heidelberger Schlossführungen

With our modern audio guide and our plan, you explore the world-famous sights. You can set the pace and course of your tour as you please. At the touch of a button, you delve into the majestic ruins’ eventful history. Experience the Electors’ residence at the height of their power, and its destruction in the year 1689. Hear the fascinating story of the great love between the Winter King and the “Winter Queen“, Elizabeth Stuart, about the wine-bibbing dwarf Perkeo, and about Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate, Duchess of Orléans, famous for her candid letters from the Sun-King’s court. At your own pace, you can marvel at the world’s largest wine barrel,and enjoy the historical charm of the romantic ruins above the Neckar River. At the same time, you can take photos at leisure, and talk with your friends or family about what you have just seen and heard.


The Poetry and Romance of the Castle Ruins

Heidelberger Schlossführungen

Thanks to your audio tour, the romance of idyllic landscapes and of medieval architecture becomes appreciable also acoustically: listen to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Marianne Willemer in the castle park, enjoy Mark Twain’s portrayal – declarations of love to the Heidelberg castle. Amusing legends about the “Witch’s Bite“ or the “Knight’s Leap“ accompany you on your tour, and let your heart beat faster.



History Quiz

Heidelberger Schlossführungen

Together with our audio tour, we also offer you a history quiz, the answers to which can be heard in the course of the tour. With a sufficiently large number of participants, you can set up competing teams and, if you like, award prizes – an interesting and instructive game, which is also very enjoyable.